You might need a new leather couch


I had my nails done for your birthday. However, you might need a new leather couch.

Happy birthday!

No self-respecting well-groomed cat would ignore the importance of grooming, especially a good manicure. But why is it that your expensive furniture inevitably makes a better scratching post than that $257 one you lovingly bought at the fancy pet boutique? Instead, the scratching post sits unscathed while your discriminating feline uses the creamy Italian leather sofa for which you scrimped and saved for 3 years to buy.

* Professionally printed in Carlsbad, California on 120# sturdy, uncoated, easy-to-write-on, recycled card stock
* Inside is blank, which leaves an empty slate for your heartfelt, unique message
* Colorful, hand-drawn art is visually entertaining and eye-catching
* Birthday card
* Size A2 (4.25” x 5.5”)
* Envelope included
* Packaged in cello sleeve to keep your card and envelope pristine