Doggy Behavior Fix – My Dog Barks When Home Alone (part 5 of 7)

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dog barks when home alone

We asked you for some of your biggest doggy behavior problems, and you delivered! Then we presented those challenges to Gabriella Ravani, elite San Diego dog trainer, for her expert opinion. You can read about Gabriella in our first post of this series.


“How can I prevent my dog from barking when he is home alone?”


Usually is impossible to influence behavior if you are not there to “coach” the dog. That said, the first step is to identify all the triggers for the barking. At what exactly does the dog bark? When does it happen? Where is the dog when it is barking? If you are not there to hear it, how do you know the dog is barking? For how long does the dog bark?

Once all the triggers, situations and timeframes have been determined, it is sometimes possible to come up with a solution.

I’d be happy to offer some tips, I just need much more information.

If you would like us to ask Gabriella a more detailed solution to this problem, as in what are some specific things you can try, please use the comment section below, or send us a private message.

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