Fun Facts Your Dog Wants You to Know – An Infographic

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Fun Facts Your Dog Wants You to Know - An Infographic - Sassypants Design

It’s safe to say that anyone who has ever loved a dog would agree that for the most part, dogs greatly enhance our lives.

You may be thinking, “but what about the time Lucky ate 3 couch pillows in the time it took me to dash to the grocery store in order to buy more doggie chews so Lucky wouldn’t eat any more couch pillows?”

Ok, so Lucky never promised you a rose garden.

Besides, don’t knock couch pillows until you’ve tried them.

But the benefits of having Lucky in your life far outweigh not having him, as demonstrated in our infographic, “Fun Facts Your Dog Wants You to Know”.

Not only that, there are ways to make your co-existence with the little man (or lady) much more pleasant.

Just like a rose garden.

We at Sassypants Design are so devoted to enhancing our relationships with our furry friends that we want to spread the joy. To that end, we have solicited questions from you, our readers, via Facebook. We want to know what challenges you are facing with your special canine children, and we have taken those questions to elite dog trainer, Gabrielle Ravani.

Stay tuned, because we will be posting the results of that interview in an upcoming blog post. If you find yourself wishing for the opportunity to ask the question that is plaguing your relationship with your own bundle of furry love, do not hesitate to ask, either in the comment section below, via our Facebook page, or our contact page.

We welcome any and all comments, and will continue this series as long as you have doggy behavioral or training questions to ask.

Following are the questions posed by our readers thus far:

  1. How to keep my Wheaten Terriers from jumping when company comes
  2. How to prevent barking when the dog is home alone
    My miniature schnauzer hates kids. I cannot have the grandkids around him. He loves any adult that comes over, but goes nuts with children.
  3. I have a 12-year-old golden retriever and now have a 1-year-old golden retriever, both females. The younger golden has started dominating the older dog, brushing her out of the way and exhibiting basic dominant behavior. She also will jump on the older dog, who is getting and frail. I am afraid she is hurting the older dog and is stressing her out. How do I stop this?
  4. The small one is sneaky, she doesn’t like to go potty outside when it’s cold or rainy… then she finds a tiny doggie hide’y place in the house when you lose attention for a moment and leaves presents…
  5. Betsy June is OCD with tennis balls. She can have 10 of them around her, but if one gets stuck underneath the couch, she is relentless (whining, barking) until we retrieve it for her.

Stay tuned…

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Fun Facts Your Dog Wants You to Know

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