Exactly How I Create the Artwork

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Exactly How I Create the Art for Sassypants Design Cards

People often ask me exactly how I create the artwork for Sassypants Design cards.

[WARNING: If reading about software technology makes you want to poke your eyes out with poison darts, then go straight to the video.]

I use Adobe Illustrator for the initial drawings

I create my drawings using Adobe Illustrator. (This is a vector-based drawing application, in geek speak.) I often work from a photo of a real dog or person as a subject, as a portrait painter might do. But I take artistic liberties along the way.

Because I can.

Gotta love the graphics tablet

My Wacom tablet is my drawing tool of choice. It is like putting pen to paper, only easier, because if I make a mistake, I can make it go away with a few clicks. (I’m waiting for a tool like that to erase my mistakes in life.) Whatever I draw on my tablet, I see on my computer screen.

Wacom Intuos 4 Graphics Tablet

The magic happens with Photoshop

Next, I open my drawing with Adobe Photoshop (a raster-based program, for the tech-heads). This is where the magic happens. Backgrounds, textures, color adjustments, captions… I do it all with Photoshop.

Adobe Indesign – The Last Stop

Finally, the last stop is Adobe InDesign. This is a desktop publishing program that is the industry standard for layout and page design. I create a greeting card that includes the image, caption and the branding information on the back of the card.

A greeting card has come to life.

Watch exactly how I create the artwork

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2 Comments on “Exactly How I Create the Artwork”

  1. Thank you, Pamela, for your comment and your awesome perspective as a designer. 🙂

    So many people have asked about my art and how I do it. I feel fortunate that we have these tools at our disposal! Gotta love modern technology.

  2. WOW – I love getting your newsletter and have been looking forward to the “How do I do that?” Ha ha. Cool to see your using three different applications to create the end product. As a designer myself I know how time consuming it can be. For the non-designer, it’s a good education!

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