Doggy Behavior Fix – Kid Hating Miniature Schnauzer (part 3 of 7)

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Kid Hating Miniature Schnauzer - Sassypants Design - Doggy Behavior Problem Fix

We asked you for some of your biggest doggy behavior problems, and you delivered! Then we presented those challenges to Gabriella Ravani, elite San Diego dog trainer, for her expert opinion. You can read about Gabriella in our first post of this series.

Question: “My miniature schnauzer hates kids. I cannot have the grandkids around him. He loves any adult that comes over, but goes nuts with children.”

Short answer: keep the dog away from the children.

More complex answer: sometimes dogs can learn to like kids but that depends on why the dog hates kids (didn’t meet them during an important socialization period or met them and they were mean to him), how old the dog is, how old the kids are and what are their personalities (calm? busy?) and how often the kids come to your home.

I’m always very careful to prevent dog bites and sometimes keeping kids and dogs separate can be the best thing.

Sometimes dogs can learn to like kids but that depends on why the dog hates kids.Gabriella Ravani

If you would like us to ask Gabriella a more detailed solution to this problem, as in what are some specific things you can try, please use the comment section below, or send us a private message.

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