How to Make a Fabulous Martini

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As I slide tenderly into middle age I have discovered something quite disturbing: Nobody knows how to make a fabulous Martini. The Martini has always been my cocktail of choice, and in recent years after several life milestones rudely slapped me in the face, the Martini and I have enjoyed each other’s company more now that we ever did back … Read More

Who Knew Smiling Could Make you Happy?

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Who knew smiling could make you happy?

Ok, maybe that sounds rather basic. In fact, I’m sure you knew that already. But I used to think that we smile because we are happy, rather than the reverse. However, a credible volume of research tells us that both are true. You may not be feeling happy at all, but if you smile, it will change how you feel. Pinkie … Read More

My Day at the Chiropractor

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Ok, I admit it. I’m not the most memorable person on the planet. In fact, I must be downright generic. I know this because I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been told, “You look JUST like the sister of the sister-in-law of our old next door neighbor, Bill.” The names change but the story is the same. There … Read More