How to Make a Fabulous Martini

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As I slide tenderly into middle age I have discovered something quite disturbing: Nobody knows how to make a fabulous Martini. The Martini has always been my cocktail of choice, and in recent years after several life milestones rudely slapped me in the face, the Martini and I have enjoyed each other’s company more now that we ever did back … Read More

Who Knew Smiling Could Make you Happy?

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Who knew smiling could make you happy?

Ok, maybe that sounds rather basic. In fact, I’m sure you knew that already. But I used to think that we smile because we are happy, rather than the reverse. However, a credible volume of research tells us that both are true. You may not be feeling happy at all, but if you smile, it will change how you feel. Pinkie … Read More

My Day at the Chiropractor

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Ok, I admit it. I’m not the most memorable person on the planet. In fact, I must be downright generic. I know this because I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been told, “You look JUST like the sister of the sister-in-law of our old next door neighbor, Bill.” The names change but the story is the same. There … Read More

Exactly How I Create the Artwork

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Exactly How I Create the Art for Sassypants Design Cards

People often ask me exactly how I create the artwork for Sassypants Design cards. [WARNING: If reading about software technology makes you want to poke your eyes out with poison darts, then go straight to the video.] I create my drawings using Adobe Illustrator. (This is a vector-based drawing application, in geek speak.) I often work from a photo of … Read More

The Art. Why Draw Dogs and People?

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Sassypants Design funny dog greeting cards

What leads a person to a particular vocation? This is fascinating to me. It turns out that most college grads end up in fields that don’t relate to their major. This could not be more true for me. I have a BA in Human Development and a post graduate degree in counseling. And now I draw funny pictures of dogs … Read More