How to Make a Fabulous Martini

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As I slide tenderly into middle age I have discovered something quite disturbing: Nobody knows how to make a fabulous Martini. The Martini has always been my cocktail of choice, and in recent years after several life milestones rudely slapped me in the face, the Martini and I have enjoyed each other’s company more now that we ever did back … Read More

Tighty Whitey Underwear Adventure – A True Story

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We all have many experiences that at first glance can be frustrating, or even infuriating, but our philosophy at Sassypants Design is to see the humor in life. This is admittedly hard at times, and it doesn’t exactly mend a broken bone, fix a dented fender, or make your cell phone come back to life after it slips out of … Read More

The Most Expensive Pair of Underwear I Ever Bought

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Lots and lots of money

I’m all about dressing nice. Heck, even when I’m wearing my grubby jeans, it’s fun to shake things up with a cute top and funky necklace… usually… sometimes… ok, when I know I’ll see someone. But, I do get that whole thing about not wearing ratty underwear just in case. What if, God forbid, you are in a horrible car … Read More

My Day at the Chiropractor

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Ok, I admit it. I’m not the most memorable person on the planet. In fact, I must be downright generic. I know this because I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been told, “You look JUST like the sister of the sister-in-law of our old next door neighbor, Bill.” The names change but the story is the same. There … Read More

Hidden Benefit of High Value Dog Treats

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This is fun I love treats this is fun I love treats

Since immersing myself in the humbling, yet exciting world of dog agility training, I have learned one important thing (besides the fact that my dog is smarter than I am). Dogs will do almost anything for you if you make it worth their while. Even things that don’t come naturally.
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Boomer at the Groomer – A True Story

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The things they make me do for a cookie.

Boomer was our beloved Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier, a breed with a beautiful, silky coat that grows like hair. We had always had him groomed in the traditional “wheaten” cut, a carryover from his show dog days (otherwise known as his days of glory as a “Professional Dog”). He had a more important, showy and prestigious job than anyone else in the family, and he knew it.
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