Not much out there, is there?

You are tired of generic and dull greeting cards. Because you are neither of those things.

You have a quirky sense of humor. You see the funny side of life. You spend time searching for the right cards to send that reflect your great wit.

Sadly, many of the cards you encounter are too cutsie, too common, or just plain not funny.


We’ve got your back.

I can't live without these cards. And shoe shopping. I can't live without shoe shopping.

We offer something new. Relatable. We get you. We are just like you.

You’ll love our humor, relate to it, and so will your friends.

Our cards are handmade by a graphic artist and brainteased by an actual comedian, both of whom happen to be best friends.

Sometimes wine is involved. Is that priceless, or what?

We like a good guarantee. We know you do, too. Not that we expect it, but if for some reason you aren’t happy with our products we’ll take them back and refund your money, including all shipping.

Pinky swear.

We’re like that fun friend you had in high school, except we’ll never borrow your favorite blouse and get you in trouble with your parents.

We are a team of two – a graphic artist and a comedian – that makes greeting cards for people who think outside of the box and love quirky humor. Our cards are clever and witty so you don’t have to be.

Our rich history of raising two boys each, complete with dogs, cats (and assorted other pets), and all of the associated chaos, has supplied us with endless material for these cards.

We know you can relate!

Amy Chin

Owner and Creative Director of Sassypants Design, Amy Chin, graphic artist, creates the colorful and wacky artwork depicted on our products.

Stacy Dymalski

The creamy nugget of hilarity contained inside each Sassypants Design card spawns from the sassy wit of comedian Stacy Dymalski, who also happens to be Amy’s life-long friend.


Ziggy, Mini Aussiedoodle, is our Accountability Expert who makes sure meetings start on time, the cards are up to his high standards, and that the employee break room never runs out of kibble.


Half miniature pincher, half Chihuahua, Chico (aka Cheeky), is our Vice President of Operations, which means he loves to answer the phone and tell everybody what to do. (And we do it.)

Now what?


Selecting the right card is like giving birth...except it doesn't hurt and is way less expensive.

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